Overwatch Sombra Hack Guide: Find Out Who & What Abilities Are Hackable

By Benjie Batanes , Nov 18, 2016 04:10 AM EST

Overwatch's newest hero, Sombra, is a hacker and her EMP can be quite devastating. However, even her hacking prowess does have its limits.

Sombra Versus Sombra

Interestingly, Sombra can hack another Sombra that will prevent the hacked one from using the Translocator beacon. The Thermpotic Camo can also be hacked provided that the target is within hacking range. It will not make her visible but at least she can't use her other abiliites.

Sombra Hack Attack Against Other Heroes

Genji's double jump, Shuriken and wall climbing abilities are safe from Sombra's hack. Deflect however, can be hacked. Swift Strike and ult move Dragonblade can no longer be hacked once started. McCree's Combat Roll, Flashbang and Fan the Hammer moves are safe from Sombra's hack. However, the cowboy's ult Deadeye can be hacked.

Pharah's ability to fly is safe from hack but her jump jet is not. Her Concussive Blast and ult Barrage could no longer be hacked once started. Tracer's Recall and Blink can be hacked but her ult Pulse Bomb is safe. Bastion is vulnerable to hack attacks in its self-repair and sentry mode. Sombra however, cannot hack its Tank mode.

Hanzo's arrow swap ability can be hack but his ult Dragonstrike is unstoppable once fired. Sombra can hack Reaper's Shadow Step while still in progress and his ult Death Blossom. However, she can't hack Reaper in his Wraith Form. Sombra cannot Soldier 76's Biotic Field and Helix Rockets. Sprint could not be hack while the ability is in progress but Sombra can prevent the next Sprint. The ult Tactical Visor could not be back it will prevent 76 from using Helix Rockets, according to PVPLive.

Junkrat's Concussion mines and Steel Trap are safe from hacks but Sombra can hack or interrupt the mine detonation. The lady hacker can prevent Junkrat while he is still casting the ult Rip Tire. However, the actual tire is safe from hack or EMP. Mei is the most resistant hero against Sombra's hack attack. Mei's Ice Wall can be hack while in progress.

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