‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ 2 Spoilers, News And Updates: Surprising Twist To Unveil Warlock, Building Up For The Final Battle?

By Joseph S. , Nov 18, 2016 04:30 AM EST

"Guardians of the Galaxy" 2 is already on its wrapping up stages and the film is ready to be shown in theaters. But there are still some editing that needs to be done. Some spoilers indicate that the movie producers are trying to add some interesting twists to the story in order to insert a character that is most-missed by the fans.

Some Reshoots Are Being Done

A leak from no less than one of the cast members of "Guardians of the Galaxy" 2 indicates that the film crew is doing some reshoots of the movie. Karen Gillian, who is reprising her role as Nebula in the movie, has confirmed that reshoots are being done by the film crew. This reshoot could mean anything, says Den of Geek, a movie website.

Some observers believe that this could mean the inclusion of one of the most important characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Adam Warlock. Den of Geek tried to give a lowdown on this reshoot. "This can only mean one thing...that this is just another normal piece of the process for every blockbuster movie, and not something worth freaking out over," Stated Den of Geek.

Fans of Marvel comic books lament the absence of Warlock in Marvel movies apparently ignoring the importance of his character. If Warlock would indeed be inserted in the reshoots, a lot of Marvel fans will surely breathe a sigh of relief. At last, they can see Warlock interacting with the other favorite Marvel heroes.

The Release Date Of The Movie Is Confirmed

"Guardians Of The Galaxy" 2 is set to be released on May 5, 2017. This will be the first movie that will come out that is included in the first calendar year of Marvel Studios. There will be three other movies which the producers hope will all be blockbusters for next year. "Guardians" 2 will be followed by "Spider-Man: Homecoming" in July, and "Thor: Ragnarok" in November. Get a feel of this movie by viewing the video teaser below.

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