'Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Vol. 2 Teaser Featured On Doctor Strange? Baby Groot is Adorable and Goofy Says Vin Diesel

With the recent release of "Guardians of the Galaxy" Vol. 2 poster and short teaser, it looks like the official trailer will be aired really soon. Recent reports claim that its trailer could be attached to the movie of "Doctor Strange" which is scheduled to hit the big screen on November 4. Fortunately, Vin Diesel makes the wait more bearable as he talks about Baby Groot and why fans should be excited to meet him.

It's been a while since fans heard news about "Guardians of the Galaxy". Although a premiere date has already been announced, avid viewers are now asking when a longer trailer will come out. According to reports, another trailer should be included when "Doctor Strange" premieres on November 4. It has not been specified how long the trailer will be but hopefully it's at least longer than the very short teaser released last October 19.

In one of Vin Diesel's recent interview, the actor talks about Groot and describes how baby Groot will be different from the older version of Groot in the second installment of the movie. "Yeah, there is a difference. He couldn't be more naive as Baby Groot. I always think of the Groot that we saw on the first Guardians as a college-level Groot, so he's not fully grown yet, but he's a man. And once he sacrifices himself at the end of the movie, now he has to start all over, so to speak, but we're gonna see this goofy, adorable, baby Groot thing running around the screen and just learning as he goes."

The actor also reveals baby Groot will vaguely remember his past life which means we could expect baby Groot to be acting like a real baby, adorable, innocent and who knows what a baby Groot is like.

Sources report that the new "Guardians of the Galaxy" will bring in new elements and a new twist to the story. Just less than seven months away until the movie finally hits the theaters.

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