Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: Evolution Stones And Where To Find Them

Pokemon Sun and Moon are finally here! So the main question is, do you already have copies? If yes, lucky you! Good luck to catching them all and becoming the very best! If not, you are having problems getting them, yes? As the most pre-ordered Nintendo games to dates, we would have figured that some may not be able to acquire the latest Pokemon games yet. But don't worry, it's never too late.

Pokemon Evolution Stones

For our very first Pokemon game guide, we're going to spoil you on where you can find Pokemon Sun and Moon evolution stones. To those new Pokemon players, evolution stones or evolutionary stones are items that radiate mysterious energy that cause the species of Pokemon to evolve. These stones can be used anytime and can cause instant evolution to the Pokemon they are used for.

Now, Pokemon evolution stones are not found in just one place and of course, these are essential items for trainers in order for them to evolve their captured Pokemon. So here's a guide on where you can find the evolution stones for Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Evolution Stones Locations

First, the Oval Stone. You can get this stone on Alkala Island, outside the Pokemon Nursery. If Happiny holds this stone, it will turn into Chansey when leveled up during the day.

The Everstone, on the other hand, can be acquired after battling Ilimia at his house.

The third evolution stone is a Thunderstone which can be purchased at Olivia's shop in KoniKoni City. But you can find the Thunderstone in a Dream Park behind a truck in Akala Island.

Similar to the Thunderstone, both the Water Stone and Leaf Stone can also be bought at Olivia's shop in KoniKoni City.

To evolve certain Fire-type Pokemon, a Fire Stone is required. Aside from buying it at Olivia's shop in KoniKoni City, you can also locate this stone inside the Digglet Tunnel on Akala Island.

The Moss Stone can be found at Lush Jungle while the Moon Stone is at Ula'ula Island Just go to Route 13 and search the Fountain along the road.

When you go to Blush Mountain at Ula'ula Island, expect to find a Sun Stone. But to find the Ice Stone, you might want to head to Po Town in the same island. Just scour through the top left corner of that area.

Lastly, the Dusk Stone which evolves Dark and Ghost-type Pokemon can be found at the beach in the Poni Wilds on Poni Island. Just search underwater. You can also buy Dusk Stone at the Malie Community Center, at the flea market.

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