Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: How To Perform Z-Moves; What Does Each Z-Move Do?

Pokemon Sun and Moon release date is getting closer and closer and we know how excited we all are for these upcoming Nintendo 3DS games. Easily called the "most pre-ordered" Nintendo games to date, these new Pokemon titles are definitely teasing us with their leaks, datamined info, and even game demo details. Yes, we can see you have already highlighted Nov. 18 on your calendars.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Z-Moves

One of the highly awaited Pokemon Sun and Moon features are the Z-Moves. As mentioned in a previous iTechPost article, Z-moves are new elements to the Pokemon battles that the trainer can use once per fight. These are very powerful attacks and are fueled by Z-Crystals. To get Z-Crystals, you would need to travel to Alola and surpass a couple of challenges.

Now, Pokemon Sun and Moon Z-moves have limitations. Some Z-moves are only available to a specific Pokemon while other Z-moves can only take effect once a Pokemon "has a move in their dossier that corresponds with the Z-Crystal they're holding," as explained by USGamer.

How To Perform Z-Move?

In order for you to perform a Z-move, you must have a Z-Ring. You will get this through playing Pokemon Sun and Moon story so don't worry, you won't miss it. And of course, you also need Z-Crystals. Now, there are 18 General Z-Crystals that will correspond with the 18 types of Pokemon. A Pokemon with one of these crystals will be able to unlock a Z-move as long as it knows at least one attack that can match with the Z-Crystal type.

What Do Pokemon Sun and Moon Z-Moves Do?

There are currently nine Pokemon Sun and Moon Z-moves each specific for the Pokemon types. So here they are (deep breath): Breakneck Blitz Z-move is for the Normal-type Pokemon while for the Ghost-type Pokemon, they can use the Neverending Nightmare Z-move. For Fighting-type, All-Out Plummeting is the Z-move to damage their enemy.

You have a Fire-type Pokemon? Then you can utilize the Inferno Overdrive which performs heavy fire damage to its opponent. On the other hand, Water-types can perform extreme water-damage to its enemy with the Hydro Vortex. Grass-type Pokemon boasts off its Bloom Doom Z-move while Electric-types have the Gigavolt Havoc, which inflicts heavy electric-type damage. For Psychic-type Pokemon, the Maximum Psy-Breaker is their specific Z-Move while Ultimate Dragon Burn Z-moves are for Dragon-type Pokemon, of course.

Two more days to Pokemon Sun and Moon release, have you decided which game you are going to play first? Which Starter Pokemon do you find interesting? Is your Nintendo 3DS ready? How will you tell your friends that you are going to disappear for a while to become the very best? Share your innermost thoughts in the comments section!

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