WWE News: The Undertaker Will Challenge AJ Styles If Shawn Michaels Can't Make It To Royal Rumble

The Undertaker returns with a haunting Survivor Series warning: SmackDown LIVE, Nov. 15, 2016
The Undertaker returns with a haunting Survivor Series warning: SmackDown LIVE, Nov. 15, 2016 Photo : WWE / YouTube

The Undertaker surely made his presence felt when he showed up in the latest edition of Smackdown Live. The Undertaker urged and motivated The Blue Brand to do their best at Survivor Series.

The Deadman Rises

It was just a month ago when we saw a picture of The Phenom, The Undertaker using crutches. Many fans have speculated that Taker might be retiring earlier than expected due to age and undisclosed injuries. Undertaker or Mark Callaway is already 51 years old and there is now way he can perform night in and night out with the same results. There are no reports yet on how many appearance he will make but it might be the start of the farewell tour of The Phenom.

The Undertaker's Impact

Undertaker's appearance is surely money. His presence just helped Smackdown Live with its ratings. By the numbers, the show pulled in a 0.95 rating among the 13-49 demographic and a total of 2.725 million viewers. This is one of the highest rating for the Blue Brand. These numbers showed us the magnitude of Undertaker's greatness. He didn't even had a match on his return. His segment was not that long but it's more than enough to carry Smackdown Live.
Not only he helped The Blue Brand with the ratings, last Tuesday night, he made it relevant on twitter. According to twitter, there's about 40,000 tweets with the hashtag #SDLive900 and 6,000 alone for Undertaker with the hashtag #Undertaker. With that said, WWE creative might be making a move since the numbers did go up in a hurry. However, again, The Phenom is already 51 and I'm not sure if he is willing to do back to back work.

The Undertaker Will Challenge AJ Styles In A Match At Royal Rumble

Now this is interesting in many angles but as a fan, I would love to watch this match if it happens. AJ Styles is one of the greats who ever stepped in a WWE ring, that is why he is the World Heavyweight Champion. Undertaker is an entity on its own and he really doesn't need this match. But again, this will be one of his last appearance in a WWE ring and for sure, personally he wants to go head to head with the current champ and check if he still has it. For sure this will be instant classic not because we are talking about to future Hall of Famers, but both wrestlers can adapt and adjust to any form of wrestling.

This is the current plan of WWE if Shawn Michaels won't come out of retirement. Last time we saw the heartbreak kid was last Wrestlemania when he teamed up with the current General Manager of Monday Night Raw, Mick Foley and The Greatest Wrestler Of All Time(as per Vince McMahon) Stone Cold Steve Austin. He might have aged like Undertaker but he is still fun to watch. AJ Styles teased the fans when he posted a picture of him and Shawn Michaels face to face with the Royal Rumble logo below the picture.

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