'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 67, 68 News, Spoilers: Upcoming Filler Episodes To Feature Goku’s Adventures; New Arc To Start With Episode 72?

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 68 spoilers are finally here. After a long wait, there are official spoilers for episode 68 and the next three episodes scheduled to air until Dec. 18. The latest spoilers were revealed just a few days before DBS episode 67 is scheduled to air. "Dragon Ball Super" episode 68 to 71 will be filler episodes and will not be the continuation of Future Trunks' arc.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 67 Spoilers

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 67 will feature the continuation of the battle between the mortals and Merged Zamasu. The radiant god is not willing to give in to the pleas of the mortals. He is more convinced than ever that he needs to put an end to the existence of mortals. The battle has been a difficult one and the mortals are bound to lose all their advantage.

When Zamasu finds a way to circumvent their last resort, they might need someone more powerful to take over. This episode will also spell the end of the Future Trunks arc, but the next episodes might not be too exciting to some fans since they are bound to be filler episodes.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 68 Spoilers

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 68 would be the breather right after the exciting fight between the radiant god and the mortals. The latest spoilers reveal that in this episode, Goku will try to look for all the dragon balls to summon Shenlong. Goku plans to wish for the revival of Kaio-sama.

This episode is just the first of the four filler episodes which will follow Future Trunks' arc. As previously reported, the new arc for "Dragon Ball Super" will be revealed during the 2016 Jump Fiesta which is scheduled on Dec. 7 to 8. Based on the current airing schedule for the series, the new arc will start on Dec. 25 if there is no special programming that will put the series on hiatus.

"Dragon Ball Super" rumors indicate that the new arc will be about a battle between the strongest warriors in the universe. However, there is no confirmation or clue on what the new arc will be.

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