‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 67 News, Updates: Zamasu’s Fate Decided; No More Official Spoilers For Episode 68 And Up?

"Dragon Ball Super" fans are in for another agonizing wait. Episode 67, titled "A New Hope in the Heart! Farewell, Trunks," is scheduled to air on Nov. 20 but many fans are also waiting for spoilers for episode 68 onwards. However, this week, there were no new spoilers for DBS episode 68 which is why many fans are concerned that spoilers for upcoming episodes will be hard to come by.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 67

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 66 was one of the most highly anticipated episodes because of the appearance of Vegito, the fusion between Goku and Vegeta. It was quite disappointing that Vegito was only present for a few minutes and he was unable to end Zamasu's plans to wipe mortals off the face of the planet. The last scene in the episode was of Trunks slashing Merged Zamasu with his spirit sword. He successfully cut Zamasu in half but the radiant god is not yet dead.

The spoilers for episode 67 which were released a week ago reveal that Zamasu will only lose his physical body but he could still wreak havoc in the world. This is supposedly when Goku will call for Omni-king's help. There are speculations that in this episode, Trunks will say goodbye as the world goes back to its proper order.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 68

"Dragon Ball Super" official spoilers for the next episodes used to be released weeks ahead. This time, however, it seems that spoilers are in short supply. There were leaked titles that made rounds in various online forums and communities but these are fake titles since they are speculations and not official teasers.

Despite the fact that no spoilers have been released this week, it does not necessarily mean that there would no longer be teasers for future episodes. Since the Future Trunks arc is coming to an end, it is highly possible that information on the next episodes is withheld to increase the viewership for the upcoming episode, where the preview for episode 68 will be shown.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 67 will air on Sunday, Nov. 20.

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