Eminem's New Album And Infinite Track Is Special As Co-Producer of Lose Yourself Confirms

New Documentary Digs into the Making of Eminem's Debut Album 'Infinite'
New Documentary Digs into the Making of Eminem's Debut Album 'Infinite' Photo : Complex News / YouTube

We are just a few weeks away before the Rap God drops his new album as one of our credible sources say. If that is the case, we should be ready for it because as Marshall said it, this is the culmination of him being a rap icon.

Eminem's New Album Is Straight-Fire As Confirmed By His Co-Producer

His new Album titled "Success" is going to erase some of the records when it comes to hit charts, album sales, and most played song on the radio waves. This was claimed by one of the producers whom he worked with very long time ago. As reported last two weeks, The Rap God's new album "accidentally" leaked. It showed at least 21 songs in total; and it is star studded basing on the list. Adele, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, are already on the list. Although the "leaked" copy of the album doesn't show collaboration from Skylar Grey, Snoop Dogg and Dr.Dre, we know that they are probably doing something special. Also, we might hear a new tribute song for Eminem's best friend, the late great, "Proof".

Infinite Album 1996: The Origins

Before he became one of the most acclaimed rappers and hip-hop artists in history, the Rap God was a struggling rapper in Detroit. This is the birthplace of his career and through his album, he shared what it's like to be in MoTown and how he battled his way from the Underground to the spotlight. The album was created in 1996 and with a help of a friend, they distributed a total of 500 copies from the parking lot and to a music store near them which supports local artists. The full song will be released by Friday and if you haven't heard the clip of the song, don't worry I will be providing you the link. His artistry and swag never wavered even when he was just starting out in the industry.

The Bass Brothers And The Rap God's Relationship

Marshall Mathers was just another rapper during the mid 90's. However, when he met The Bass Brothers, tides seems to favor his way. The Bass Brothers signed him to a prestigious long-term production deal. At that time, the deal was considered as "moving" since he was the first "white guy" to get a full term deal from the Brothers. Dr. Dre gave Eminem a big contract label but that didn't changed his relationship towards the Bass Brothers. Actually, the Bass Brothers continued to co-work with Eminem and Dr. Dre throughout the years. They even co-produce the award winning song, Lose Yourself.

"We thought: How would Infinite sound if we approached it the way we went on to approach his later music?" says Jeff Bass. "Twenty years ago, it would have been a different record if I'd played the instruments. The real Eminem fans appreciate the (Bass Brothers) sound, and this is what it would have sounded like if we'd been producing the record."

"Eminem was so far ahead of his time, even back then," says Jeff Bass. "I listen to the lyrics on ‘Infinite,' the songs he was coming up with, and he really was special. I think he knew that was some of his best work, especially where he was at in life. At that point, he had experienced only a lot of negative growing up. (Recording the album) was the one positive thing in his life - this idea that his talent could convince people there was something more to him. I think it was the beginning of ‘I really could do this.'"

"It's kind of like a polished raw track, if that makes sense," said Mark Bass. "It's pretty much the same record, but better sounding, newer sounding, with the audio quality of (later) Eminem stuff.""Marshall comes into the studio one day," Wilder recounts, "and he jokingly tells me, ‘Hey, I'm stealing your name!' ""He was like nobody I'd ever heard before," Wilder said. Recording the Infinite album "was nothing short of amazing for me, and I still feel that way about him. We'd had act after act coming into the studio. Then Marshall comes along and it was, ‘Wow.' "

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