Game Review: First Few Sessions With Watch Dogs 2 Is An Awesome Fashionista Experience

By Jupiter Isidro , Nov 21, 2016 04:30 AM EST
Watch Dogs 2 is way better than Watch Dogs in terms of fashion. You can actually customize your characters clothes by purchasing them within the game. Much like in GTA V. (Photo : YouTube / GF LaserBolt - GamerFuzion)

I wasn't really planning to get Watch Dogs 2 on the PS4 on its launch price of $60 as my schedule has been hectic lately. That said my style has been the 'waiting game' when it comes to buying new PS4 titles. What I would do is to forget about being one of the first to ever play the game and just wait for a big sale; anyway, I don't have enough time to play them in the first place.

Watch Dogs 2 didn't follow my 'waiting game' rule as my girlfriend bought me a copy. Of course, I said 'no' initially but a live gameplay feed on Game Rant's Facebook account convinced me to just say 'what the heck' and decided to play some hours with it on a Sunday, technically hours before I start writing this. If you'd check out the comments section, I even wrote a thank you note for convincing me to play the game (despite the heavy schedules).

My initial impressions of the game were somewhat 'not good' because there's no review on the controls. Watch Dogs 2 feels like you need to play the first title and be familiar with the game so that you can appreciate it. I'm not sure if it's just me or if Ubisoft intended it to be this way to build a strong franchise fan base.

In any case, I died around 5 times getting through the introductory mission because there were no guides to refresh my memories on the controls and hacking aspects of the game. It took me a while to refresh my Watch Dogs 'skills' and get through the first mission. Ultimately I realized, or maybe it's my personal thought, that the first mission was sort of a review so I can be reunited with my Aiden Pearce abilities.

Fast forward after the first cinematic, right after Marcus got drunk and woke up on some girl's apartment (sorry if I spoiled it for you), the first real task was to put on some clothes. It's not like Marcus got naked after being wasted, he just has that pink boxer shorts and a brand new Phone DedSec gave him.

Anyway, as I went to the game's map, I was astonished by how many stores offer custom clothes (and fast travel to it) for the main character in Watch Dogs 2. I also noticed that you don't have to hack a tower to open up a section of the map; everything is served up as you start the game. So, it's shopping time for Marcus at this point.

Compared to the original, Aiden Pearce only had color variations for his coat, mask and cap, and you can't really customize per clothing parts, you have to get them by set and via DLC. For the sequel, however, wrapping your character in clothes is a good time waster. It ate up at least an hour for me before I could decide which style to go.

Ultimately, I ended up with a basic black shirt, some cargo pants, Chuck Taylor styled shoes, and a brown snow cap. I didn't customize Marcus' laptop bag because it was cool with all that scratches and tears. I then asked myself, did I waste my time doing all those 'shopping'? I said no, (here I am talking to myself again) those minutes were all worth it.

At least I got destressed from all the week's work and made my mind relaxed. As I went on to decide to go to DedSec base for my first real mission, my watch went off, saying 'it's time to do your projects'. I will be posting some more reviews later this week. In the meantime, here's a video tutorial on some clothing tips for Watch Dogs 2.

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