Watch Dogs 2 Guide: How To Find Aiden Pearce

Aiden Pearce in Watch Dogs 2
A lot of people are wondering where'd Aiden go after Watch Dogs. Alright, a few people, are wondering, including me. Well, he did make a cameo in Watch Dogs 2. Find out here. Photo : YouTube / The Good Kyle

This is supposed to be a normal guide, but hey, it's Aiden Pearce on Watch Dogs 2. How cool is that? I am not that far yet from the game. I'm still getting one over the weekend, so I scoured the internet to find someone who has clues in finding Aiden Pearce, Watch Dogs' main protagonist who just went missing when the sequel rolled out.

Fortunately, a Watch Dogs 2 player found out that a brief cameo by the legendary Aiden Pearce himself is absolutely in the game. The cameo is on a mission that instructs the player to help Pearce continue his cause.

It is already a given that Watch Dogs 2 has received a lot of praise as compared to the first title, Watch Dogs. The game has redeemed the reputation of the series as the first Watch Dogs didn't do well. It had its share of boos and tomatoes thrown at it but ultimately, the game came out quite well, not a masterpiece but is decent enough to convince me to finish it.

A quick FYI to those new to Watch Dogs, Aiden Pearce is the main character for the first Watch Dogs. Pearce is an exceptional grey hat hacker who knows his way in and out of 'cTOS', the game world's centralized operating system. cTOS controls all of Chicago and was rolled out in 2013. After a hacking job went haywire, a bounty is sent out on him. In the process of eliminating Pearce, his niece was killed. This sparked his vigilantism, and the story went on from there.

Ok, how do we find Aiden Pearce in Watch Dogs 2?

The mission where Aiden Pearce can be spotted as an Easter egg is via a side quest. With that said, it's not part of a main mission that concerns the game's main story. See the video below this article for the details on how to get there. As you can observe, there's no direct interaction between Pearce and the player, just a bunch of CCTV footage of him doing his stuff. However, it's good to see him in 2016.

There is still hope in DLCs

While it's kind of frustrating, especially for Pearce fans, that the previous title's main character cannot be controlled by the player, there is still hope via the DLCs. Who knows, maybe Ubisoft will decide some new chapters for the game where Aiden will collaborate with Marcus on an epic parkour slash hacker action, right?

There are still lots of possibilities about Aiden Pearce's participation on Watch Dogs 2. For one, he was kind of the pioneer for the vigilante gray hat hackers. Another reason to include him is that the young hackers from San Francisco should learn a thing or two from a veteran hacker from Chicago.

How would you envision Aiden Pearce's involvement in Watch Dogs 2? Do you think it's still worth it to include him in the game? Drop us your wild ideas via the comment section below. Watch Dogs 2 is now available for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Keep it here on iTech Post.

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