Exclusive: X Factor's Honey G Might Be The Winner Already? Simon Cowell And Judges Made A Standing Ovation; Fans Irate

The X Factor UK 2016 Live Shows Week 1 Honey G
The X Factor UK 2016 Live Shows Week 1 Honey G Photo : Anthony Ying / YouTube

Amidst the controversy that is surrounding one of the greatest talent shows ever, The X Factor. Another issue just arises when apparently, Honey G is already perceived as this year's Champion.

The X Factor And Its Never Ending Issues

I'm not really sure on where to start here since there are countless of issues revolving the show The X Factor. Nevertheless, we will start with the judges. Last 2015 it was reported that Louis Walsh was accused of helping contestants he had personal connections with in both the first and second series. Although there were some evidences, it was not that strong to press it against Louis Walsh. On the same timeline, an insider told one of the respected magazines that, Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne formed a pact against the ever defiant, Simon Cowell.

However, things were not that easy if you are going against the mighty Simon Cowell and his "friends". Walsh stated that he was planning to quit the show earlier because he was constantly being bullied by his co-judges. This was however countered by Simon Cowell when he found out that Walsh was working with some of the singers who auditioned on the show. Sharon Osbourne then came to the rescue stating that Simon has his own group of talents who were "auditioning" and evidently reaching the top.

Louis Walsh again made a buzz when apparently he was helping the Irish Group, The Conway Sisters to stay in the show.To the expense of Maria Lawson, there was a proof provided that Louis Walsh did worked with The Conway Sisters. He didn't admit the allegations but it did tarnish his reputation. Also, he accused one of the contestants, Danii Minogue for stealing a song that would have been a piece of one of his talents. The contestant broke down and cried but the show didn't do anything against Walsh.

The X Factor 2016 Winner Is Honey G?

Well, as one of the fans said it best, The X Factor 2016 will be the biggest joke if they will let a mediocre rapper, Honey G win the title. If there are any Honey G fans here, you can leave right now since everything you're about to read is a rant against her. During the last episode of The X Factor UK, Honey G made his way in a bullet train. She was hyping the crowd with her "hip-hop moves"(which i consider it normal) then began singing. The song she chooses was actually a mash-up of It's Like That and Getting Jiggy With It. Somewhere in the United States, RUN DMC and Will Smith are shaking their heads with this awful portrayal of their song.

However, Simon Cowell, of all people, loved her performance. Yes, you read it right, he even gave Honey G a standing ovation. But wait, there's more, as the rest of the judges join Simon Cowell in giving Honey G a standing O. The fans were furious and irate about the reaction of the judges. They even call it as a complete joke. A lot of fans turned to social media to show their disappointment towards the show. One fan states " How the f*** is Honey G still on the X Factor, she can't sing, or dance and she has no talent". Second rant states, " Though Honey G was quite amusing at 1st, but I am rapidly becoming bored of her now. She's so arrogant, it's getting ridiculous."

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