Cheryl Cole Pregnancy Updates: Pop Star Royalty And Liam Payne Were Finally Caught Red-Handed

Liam Payne Confirms He's Dating Cheryl Fernandez Versini
Liam Payne Confirms He's Dating Cheryl Fernandez Versini Photo : Clevver News / YouTube

Three weeks has passed and Cheryl Cole has again some people raising eyebrows due to her current move. The former X-factor star made a sudden change when she splits up with Modest Management.

Reason Behind Moving Out Of Modest Management

Cutting ties with her beloved Modest Management was not that hard as reported. Cheryl Cole had this planned out already when her contract expired earlier this year. Apparently, the Pop Star Princess was already thinking of splitting up with former management when she made up her mind in creating another album that would be released next year.

There was no bad blood between Cheryl and the company as reported by Dan Wootton of The Sun in an exclusive report. Here's some of the important things discussed during the interview. "Cheryl's left on good terms with Modest, there's been no fallout at all. She currently has no management but that will change next year when she's planning on making her chart return. Cheryl has grown as an artist and wants to return with a fresh look, sound and image - which will be reflected by her new management."

"Chart return," you say? Indeed: there's new music on the horizon for the "I Don't Care" crooner...allegedly.
"The former Girls Aloud singer marks 15 years in the industry next year after exploding on the scene with Girls Aloud on ITV show Pop Stars: The Rivals," Wootton disclosed. "She's already recorded new tracks for her fifth solo album which she hopes to release towards the end of 2017."

Cheryl Cole's Pregnancy Update: Spotted Shopping At Mothercare

Cheryl Cole haven't admitted yet that she is pregnant. According to the previous report, she is trying her best to dodge those personal questions and wants to keep her alleged pregnancy in private. One of her close friends said that Cheryl is staying away from social media and ready to step away from the spotlight if and when necessary. Although there are no confirmations yet, based on what her friend told the media and the pictures surrounding the internet, Cheryl is really pregnant. Also, multiple witnesses say that she was spotted shopping at Mothercare.

Cheryl Cole And Liam Payne Caught Red-Handed

Taking a snapshot with this couple is very hard, unless they are both in a party or red carpet. It took just around five stolen snapshots until they dropped the bomb stating that they were dating. According to the report, they first met in one of the episodes in X-factor. At that time, Cheryl was still married but it was on a bubble. Then out of nowhere, they were spotted together. The initial reports was,that Cheryl was just mentoring Liam since she is older in the industry. It turns out that they are dating.

The most famous picture of them is when they attended a concert and were seen kissing each other. That brought the internet down and One Direction fans were crying out loud, stunned. Cheryl Cole might be older than Liam Payne but Cheryl Cole can go with the best of them. She is still very pretty, astonishing and looks like she haven't aged a bit.

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