Mini NES Black Friday Deals: How To Buy One Without Paying Much On eBay

Mini NES or the Nintendo Classic Edition is new to the market but the console is already selling for five times the original price on eBay. Apparently, there is a shortness of supply in stock for the brand new console. However, there are Black Friday Deals for the Mini NES that offer a great deal of savings.

It is expected that several stores would be getting new shipments of Mini NES just in time for Black Friday. Originally, the console costs $60 with 30 digital versions of the original NES games and a controller. The device is said to be selling at Walmart on random weekdays this month.

It is also expected that stores like Target, Best Buy, Gamestop, Amazon and other top retailers would be receiving additional stocks of the Mini NES soon. Note that retailers usually get an extra supply of the console before Black Friday.

Currently, the Mini NES is only available on eBay. Note that those who receive their consoles most likely wait in line with one top retailer. Walmart is said to be the best bet because the store has already gotten steady shipments. Black Friday is coming in a few weeks and the console is expected to sell cheaper or at least at the original price.

Meanwhile, the Mini NES is still selling for five times the original price on eBay. However, buyers who are in the rush to get their consoles reportedly spend at least £250 or $310 for the console which originally costs £50 or $60. The retro console can reportedly be connected to a TV or laptop via a USB power cable and an HDMI cable.

Mini NES is expected to increase production next month, just in time for Christmas. For now, the console is reportedly sold out on all US retail sites listed by Nintendo. Apparently, re-sellers are said to ship the mini consoles from the US past the £280 ($350) marker. Watch the Mini NES Review here:

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