Another UFO Spotted During This Century's Biggest Supermoon; Are Aliens Sending Us A Message?

As the awaited supermoon took place, a seasoned UFO enthusiast has claimed that he has spotted a seemingly UFO caught on cam while he was trying to take a video of the said lunar phenomenon. The said footage was said to have been recorded from the skies of Arizona and in Vietnam. Consequently, after the video was released, it was found that Scott C Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily has linked the video on his website.

Another UFO Sighting, Finally Revealed

After watching the video, Waring, who is a UFO enthusiast himself, was said to be convinced that UFOs really do exist and so are the alien spacecraft that has been spotted a couple of times on various reports. As per Express, it was found that Waring also believes that these extraterrestrial life forms regularly visit the moon, and even Earth.

Meanwhile, a YouTube channel was also said to have allegedly showed a video where two unidentified flying objects were seen crossing the supermoon and hovering around the skies of Arizona. Furthermore, according to Inquisitr, a certain Rondomon was reported to have uploaded the short video clip showing two unusual objects seemingly shooting up to the sky, moving across a part of the Moon in the process. Due to video being focused on the Moon, however, the objects were out of focus. Nevertheless, they were noticeable and strange.

On the other hand, not everyone who has seen the video was convinced. Some exerts claim that the spots could be just helium balloons in the sky, some say they might just be leaves flying with the wind. But with the number of YouTube views, alien hunters, and conspiracy theorists who believe it to be true, it will be hard to negate the presence of UFOs in the video.

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