South Park Season 20 Episode 9 Will Be Moved Due To Dark Season

By Dez Bryant , Nov 22, 2016 12:18 AM EST

South Park will not telecast their latest episode this Wednesday, November 23, 2016. It will be the second break this month for the boys of Colorado. It is considered as "dark week" which means no South Park for us fans.

Dark Week And Reason Behind Why They Do It

This is not the first time South Park had a dark week. It is known to many that during this break, the producers used this time to either relax or write better plots and episodes. This was confirmed by the show's creator and multiple producers. Comedy Central already moved the show from the original schedule to November 30 2016. This also gives way to Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

South Park Season 20 Episode 9 Spoiler

The last episode aired by South Park left us a lot of questions and controversies. It seems that Kyle was able to figure out the real identity of skankhunt42. He then tries to run out of his house with Ike as their mother tries to run after them. Season 20 episode 9 will also showcase the battle between father and son. This will be an interesting scenario and fans shouldn't miss it.

There are still no lead on whether or not Gerald Broflovski will reveal everything to his family. Gerald is currently stuck at TrollTrace. Com's headquarters which is situated in Denmark together with the other notorious trolls.The new President elect will finally receive his first major assignment . At the same time, he is taking down Eduardo in South Park. He then rushes to the pentagon to verify the situation. According to the reports, he will try to "lead" and "guide" the military.

The member berries cause chaos in the White House and the foreign office of the United Kingdom warns the Oval office. However, it was a little too late. Season 20 episode 9 will be the first time that President-elect Garrison will have to deal with the Troll Trace Threat.

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