'The Simpsons' Season 28 Update: Bart Finally Has Control With The Remote, 600-Episode Marathon Will Be Epic

If you think The Simpsons are slowing down, well, you have to think again as Matt Groening, promises more surprises especially on its 600-episode marathon.

The Simpsons And Its Legacy

The Simpsons is not the first TV Animation Series in history but they sure are the longest-running prime-time cartoon on television. They've started way back early 90's and ever since then, they haven't stopped. What makes The Simpsons great? There are a lot of things we can think of when it comes to the TV series, The Simpsons. However, fans will agree with me that watching Homer Simpson and his daily misfortunes is what makes the show great. His epic failures and the way he handles his life is so funny and at the same time witty.

Bart Finally Has The Remote Control

Last week, after almost three decades, Bart Simpson finally has the control on the remote. The episode started with their couch gag routine but with a major twist. Homer Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Marge and Maggie didn't make it home due to various accidents. Bart was the only one who was able to arrive on time and for him not to feel alone, he grabbed portraits of his family and placed it in the couch while holding the remote.

The Simpsons 600-Episode Marathon And Latest Season

The crazy family from Springfield is back at it again with their infamous mishaps. This time, Matt Groening promises that the episodes will be legendary. I'm not sure what he meant but the show is already legendary based on the numbers alone. The 600th episode of The Simpsons is called the "Treehouse of Horror XXVII" it was announced that an episode titled "The Caper Chase", inspired by Trump University, will air in 2017. For now, let us check some of the wildest and funniest adventures from Homer Simpson and the rest of The Simpsons family.

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