Skyrim Remastered Among The Playable Games In Nintendo Switch?

The popularity of Nintendo Switch is growing each day, as more and more people are looking to utilize it for their gaming journeys. But since its arrival is yet to be here, players can't help but speculate. This is most especially the case with the kind of games the console will offer. And among these is Bethesda's newly unleashed title called Skyrim Remastered.

First off, it's worth noting that the forthcoming gaming home system -- previously known as NX -- will have two varied price points. In a report from LetsPlayVideoGames, well-known UK retailer GAME will offer two bundle choices. The first one will be at £199.99 ($249.7) while the other is a tad expensive around £249.99 ($312.34).

The expensive Nintendo Switch bundle, however, is more lucrative. It arrives with more capacity in terms of storage as well as a pack (which remains unknown). As for the playable games it'll support, it still remains a mystery. Nonetheless, there are reports who suggest that Skyrim Remastered will be among these.

The aforementioned title from Bethesda was just recently released. It's basically, as what the name says, a fully remastered version of the 5th installment titled The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. In fact, as reported by Daily Star, it's expected to be announced during the launch day of Nintendo's console. The studio, on the other hand, remains mum about it.

The decision to put Skyrim Remastered at such release window was to mirror the coming of Nintendo Switch. Think of it as the company's marketing strategy to involve the game in the hype. Moreover, this will give the mods enough time to be stable following the launch. Because really, mods won't be there right away on day one. But, much like how this feature is limited in PS4, it's also deemed to have a similar story in NX.

An official press conference for Nintendo's console is slated to happen sometime in January next year. After two months, it'll hit the market specifically on March. The pre-order for the system is already available.

What are your thoughts on Nintendo Switch? Do you want the remastered version of Skyrim to be playable on this system? Share us what your thoughts are at the comment section below!

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