NBA 2K17 Update: Game Playable In Nintendo Switch?

NBA 2K17 is certainly making huge airwaves as its popularity continues to soar high. It ony proves that the game has indeed lived up to its expectations. Now, with the arrival of the most talked about gaming system of today called Nintendo Switch, fans are wondering if 2K Games' title will be playable. It's really worth investigating.

NBA 2K17 fans have just learned recently that Nintendo is set to release the so-called Nintendo Switch. Many gamers believe that finally, Wii U now has a real successor. To snowball the hype for the gaming system, the studio has released a teaser trailer. And what's interesting? The footage reveals what appears to be two games, albeit unrecognizable.

The aforementioned video displays two of the hit titles of today -- NBA 2K17 and Skyrim, Bethesda's titular installment from The Elder Scrolls franchise. As of this writing, it remains a mystery if these games are indeed coming to Nintendo Switch. Or perhaps, they will, but the respective release dates are a mystery. But as far as the video is concern, chances are, it will happen.

It's worth noting, however, as noted by Nintendo Life, Skyrim is a notch higher than NBA 2K17. Why? That's because Bethesda has already iterated that they're among the third-party developers who'll support the aforesaid platform.

There are also rumors that if NBA 2K17 won't get a spotlight in Nintendo Switch, the other titles in the franchise might be. For instance, the previous installment NBA 2K16 could be a possibility. Moreover, EA's NBA Live 2017 could also be an option.

Regardless of NBA 2K17 making its way to Nintendo Switch, it's still among the highly favorite titles of today. Lots of players are showing their support, making the game one of the bestsellers of today's market. This due to the fact that the game has introduced a couple of new features, most of which are unique to the franchise. One feature worth noting are the badges.

While the speculations about NBA 2K17 being a playable game in the platform, no official announcement has been made yet. So, in a sense, people should take this a grain of salt. But of course, there's also that possibility.

What are your thoughts on NBA 2K17 being a playable title in Nintendo Switch? Are you buying the platform? Any expectations you can share? Be sure to tell us what you think at the comment section below!

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