Blizzard Reveals That A New First-Person Game Is Underway

Blizzard has revealed, through their new job postings, something that is related to the development of a new first person game, however no details have been disclosed yet. It is also not yet confirmed if it is related to Overwatch, or it could be something that is totally new. The new job listing has indicated that Blizzard is hiring two lead software engineers, but the project that these two new employees will be working on has not been disclosed yet.

It is interesting to know that this new project by Blizzard is a first-person game. Since the first-person team shooter game Overwatch by Blizzard is not yet slowing down in terms of its ratings, Blizzard might be working on something that is related to the franchises' further development. It could be a new first-person shooter IP that Blizzard will be releasing soon, according to Game Rant.

Blizzard Entertainment is now looking for an engine engineer that has a significant amount of experience for a good first-person project. We don't know yet whether this is a brand new game or just a follow-up for the Overwatch franchise, reports PC Gamer. It could be true since prior to Overwatch, Blizzard also worked for an MMO that had the codename Titan. However, this had become a failure after seven years since its development, then Overwatch came in out of the discarded Titan project.

This project is however a potential major expansion of Overwatch, since Blizzard is looking at going beyond the sequel of its Origins Edition. Many fans are expecting that this unannounced project will be based on the Overwatch game, despite current speculations. Fans were asking Blizzard for a playable story mode for Overwatch, however, Blizzard has only provided online PvP elements.

On the other hand, Blizzard just cancelled the Overwatch graphic novel that was set during the Omnic Crisis due to story changes and expansion. This could be a sign that this upcoming project might be an addition to the Overwatch game.

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