Can The New 'Pokemon Go' Hacks Damage Your Devices? Latest Updates On Legendary Birds And Trading Features

By Staff writer , Nov 23, 2016 04:19 AM EST

Pokémon GO has apparently added quite a lot of additional updates over the past number of months, but up to this day, the bots, trackers, and most especially hacks still continue to plague the community. Though Niantic has already warned players about the penalties that they will be facing once caught using these hacking tools, they seem to remain unceasing and even evolve further on.

New Hack discovered

As some people may know, updates have already been running for Pokémon GO and as the days go by, more and more discoveries come out in the open. One of the latest of these discoveries is the availability for a new GPS hack one that a lot of players both either dread or are grateful to have at the same time.

New hack for Android and iOS

According to some previous reports, a new Pokémon GO hack is now available to both the Android and iOS devices, which permits home-based gaming progress without the need to ever leave their homes. Players of the game can agree that this approach feature is no longer new, but more importantly, is that fans who are caught using the hack could potentially be penalized with permanent bans to their accounts. This said hack can be utilized via solid GPS wherever the player might be.

Pokémon GO scanners

Some reports are even teaching fans on how to install this Pokémon GO hack known as Pokémon GO++ for the Android devices, though the precaution hasn't been changed at all. Aside from these hacks, fans have also continued sharing their lineup of scanners for the game, given that Niantic has not released one for the game itself. Reddit users have already shared their functional Android trackers such as PokeMap, PokeSeonsor, PokeAlert, PokeMesh, pokiiMap, ScanGo, and PokeTrack, most of which requires a dummy account if not all.

Security problems

With that being said, Pokémon GO players may still be in deep trouble despite their extreme efforts to be safe, which will raise the questions on whether the game should be played with caution or otherwise. Sadly, consequences have been implied during the earlier months of the game, wherein a few gamers stopped playing the app indefinitely. Despite these security measures, it could definitely happen again.

More events for the game

Pokémon GO is expected to be hosting more and more events soon, given the massive success of the previously concluded Pokémon GO Halloween event. It has been a huge question ever since the games release on whether using hacks, bots, and third party application are beneficial, highly beneficial for fans of the popular augmented reality game or not? This question has received multiple answers, with some leaning towards playing the game hacks-free and without any worries, while some say hacks can actually benefit some players, especially the ones who are physically challenged to even go outside.

Hacks will always be hacks

So far it has been a debate, but despite all the comments and opinions, it is also good to know that hacks will always be hacks until the developers permit it. Hacking is cheating on the game, which is always a negative thing.

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