Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: Where To Find 8 Of The Most Rare Pokemon

Pokemon Sun and Moon players are probably too busy catching Pokemon and battling others right now and it's not even surprising. It's barely even a week and we still keep witnessing the hype these two latest Pokemon games have. Truly, Pokemon Sun and Moon were the most pre-ordered Nintendo 3DS games as to date so it's no wonder everyone is still talking about these two.

By now, you have probably caught several Pokemon but the question still remains - have you caught the rarest of the most rare Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon yet? If you're not sure whether those creatures in your Pokedex are indeed uncommon, here, let us give you a quick rundown of the most rare Pokemon in Sun and Moon and where you can find them.


This fairy-type Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon can be found at Lush Jungle in Alola Region. It is said to only have a 5% chance of appearing so keep your eyes open.


The Normal/Fighting type Pokemon that resembles an adorable bear can be found at Route 8. Before you run out to hug it, remember that it has an extraordinary strength. In fact, it hates being hugged too tight so do be careful. It only has 5% chance of appearing.


These two are actually Pokemon Sun and Moon version exclusives. Oranguru can only be acquired in Pokemon Moon while Passimian in Pokemon Sun. Try looking for them at Lush Jungle as they only have a 5% chance of appearing.


The Disguise Pokemon is completely covered in cloth which is why its type is Ghost/Fairy. You can find Mimikyu at Thrifty Megamart in Pokemon Sun and Moon, which is actually pretty difficult considering that the place is a bit too crowded. It is said to have the same percentage of appearing as Pichu.


A new dragon-type in Pokemon Sun and Moon is Jangmo-o. It has a Bulletproof/Soundproof ability. This rare Pokemon can be found at the top of Vast Poni Canyon but before that, you need to defeat the main story first to gain access to the place.


This Normal-type Pokemon known as Parent Pokemon (since it carries its own child in its pouch, yes, even in battles) is so rare in Pokemon Sun and Moon that it only has a 1% chance of appearing. Kangaskhan can be found at the Wela Volcano Park or during an S.O.S battle.


You can find Chinchou or the Angler Pokemon while you fish at Route 8 but before you find this rare Pokemon, you'd have to go through handfuls of Goldeens and Magikarps. It's actually not surprising since Chinchou only has 1% chance of appearing in Pokemon Sun and Moon.


This Poison/Water type Pokemon is said to be the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Known as the Brutal Star Pokemon, Mareanie can only be found through an S.O.S battle with another rare Pokemon, Corsola. As a tip, do not kill Corsola when battling it, instead, wait for it to call for help. There's a 5% chance that Mareanie will show up.

Do you have any of the abovementioned Pokemon in your Pokemon Sun and Moon pokedex? If yes, good job and good luck finding the rest! If not, you are not trying hard enough. Anyway, there are still a lot more Pokemon Sun and Moon tips and tricks we can share, so study them. For now, good luck on your journey to becoming the very best.

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