Pokemon Sun And Moon Tips: What Are Ultra Beasts And Where To Find Them

One of the most talked about in Pokemon Sun and Moon games are the Ultra Beasts. As you go through your recently-bought Nintendo 3DS games, you are going to encounter them and of course, you don't want to be completely clueless. So here are some useful Pokemon Sun and Moon spoilers for you about the mysterious Ultra Beasts

Pokemon Sun and Moon Ultra Beasts

Ultra Beasts are creatures that possess ultra strong powers that could be a threat to both humans and Pokemon which is why these beings are feared. According to Pokemon Sun and Moon official website, the Aether Foundation is said to be conducting research on these creatures and each of them have code names. The foundation is also said to have figured out how to access their dimension, in fact, one of the characters is said to have fused with one of the Ultra Beasts.

After going through the Pokemon Sun and Moon adventure, the mysterious beasts are said to attack the Alola region and you are tasked to defeat and capture the said Ultra Beasts for the International Police. Thankfully, the Aether Foundation created Beast Balls, specifically used in catching these said creatures.

How to catch Ultra Beasts in Pokemon Sun and Moon

Since Pokemon Sun and Moon Ultra Beasts have Beast Boosts which increase their best stat after knocking out a Pokemon, you have to change their ability in your first turn to better counter this attack. You can use Simple Beam or Entrainment or even any ability-changing move. Since the first Ultra Beast will be at level 55, it is recommended to bring your best Pokemon team to fight. Focus on decreasing the Ultra Beast's health until you get to capture it.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Ultra Beasts Locations

Here is a quick list on Ultra Beasts locations.

UB-01 Symbiont/Nihelego which is Poison/Rock Type. Find it at the Vela Mountain or Diglett Cave.

UB-02 Beauty/Phermosa (Moon) is Bug/Fighting Type and you can catch it at the Verdant Cavern.

UB-02 Absorption/Buzzwole (Sun) is Bug/Fighting Type and you can also see it at the Verdant Cavern.

UB-03 Lighting/Xurkitree is Electric Type. Capture it at the Memorial Hill and Lush Jungle.

UB-04 Blaster/Celesteela (Moon) is Steel/Flying. It's found at the Haina Desert and Malie Garden.

UB-04 Kartana (Sun) is Steel/Grass Type and can also be found at the Haina Desert and Malie Garden.

UB-05 Glutton/Guzzlord is Dark/Dragon which you can catch at Resolution Cave.

Which part are you in Pokemon Sun and Moon? Which Starter Pokemon have you chosen? Which of the Ultra Beasts do you find interesting? Do you wish that the weekend won't end so you can continuously play Pokemon Sun and Moon without interruptions? Share your wishes and ideas down in the comments section below!

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