Pokémon Sun And Moon Guide: 3 Features To Make You Love The Hated Popplio

By Lizzie Mefford , Nov 24, 2016 04:00 AM EST

Pokémon Sun and Moon were reportedly warmly received in the market. However, one of their monsters may not have gotten the same support as the other Pokémon monsters. However, Popplio is said to have a lot of supporters and defenders because of its apparent true form at the end as well as its true abilities.

Pokémon Sun and Moon Popplio may not have received a warm welcome form players at the start. Apparently, the water-type Pokémon monster has been likened to a secondhand child clown. Interestingly, a group on Reddit was created in defence of the Pokémon Sun and Moon water seal called the Popplio Defense Squad.  

Furthermore, on Oct. 27, The Pokémon Company also published a new video for Pokémon Sun and Moon introducing all of the  Pokémon Sun and Moon final evolutions. Apparently, the most popular portion reportedly belonged to Popplio. Interestingly, the water-type and fairy-type in Pokémon Sun and Moon called Primarina was also praised for her elegance by the Pokémon community.

It is said that the ugly duckling Popplio develops into the elegant swan Primarina. The Verge reporter reportedly apologized to the Pokémon Sun and Moon water seal while being amazed by its majestic appearance and powerful abilities. Note that the Pokémon Sun and Moon Primarina can heal burns. Post-revelation of Popplio's true form, more and more players are reportedly ready to jump on the  Pokémon Sun and Moon Popplio bandwagon.

Meanwhile, Pokémon Sun and Moon reportedly has a save glitch in the Pokémon Center as of this moment. Apparently, a number of players have reportedly complained about losing their files. The Pokémon Sun and Moon bug reportedly renders the game unplayable forcing players to start over.

The Pokémon Sun and Moon glitch is said to be affecting a small portion of the Pokémon community. Apparently, Niantic has revealed that the  Pokémon Sun and Moon bug was just a result of using an outdated hacking program called the PKHex Tool. Moreover, Niantic has also confirmed that the glitch was solely the result of cheating. Watch 5 Reasons to love Popplio here:

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