Overwatch Update: Hidden Sombra Buffs In The PTR; New Boop Voice line Added

The main highlights of the newest Overwatch PTR update is Symmetra's rework including a newly added ultimate as well as the "nerf" or technically speaking, the hotfixes of both Genji and Zarya. On Blizzard's patch notes, they didn't explicitly stated the hotfix of the two characters and it appears that they also missed out the new buff that Sombra has just acquired in the PTR. Check out the hidden Sombra buff that will make all of the tanks in the game cry out with pain - especially Reinhardt.

Overwatch PTR Update: Hidden Sombra Buff

Sombra is now a legit anti-tank thanks to the newly hidden buff that Blizzard has added into the game. In the latest PTR update, most of the community was enthralled by the new Symmetra rework that most weren't able to notice the hidden change that Blizzard do to the Mexican hacker. It's now been confirmed by many that Sombra is now indeed, capable of breaking into the tank's barriers namely: Reinhardt, Winston and Zarya's using her basic Hack ability.

Now, if you can remember, we've made an article detailing how the current meta is killing Reinhardt indirectly due to the fact that there's already a ton of flying damage all around the map most particularly to the new buff on Soldier 76 which makes him a great threat to Reinhardt's shield. Also, in the current meta, you can no longer sustain your shield as long as you used to and just today, Blizzard seemed to have nailed the coffin for Reinhardt with the hidden buff to Sombra. The hack ability only takes two seconds to activate which has a quite bit of range to initiate. But since this is PTR, it's most likely subject to change in the near future. Nonetheless, Reinhardt and Winston may have already be scratching their heads in the Overwatch PTR.

Overwatch PTR Update: Sombra Boop Voice Line Added

Another small content that was just added into the game is the much requested Sombra's "Boop" voice line. You can now unlock Sombra's voice line in the game both in the PTR and live version of Overwatch. In other news, there's also some hidden "nerfs" to Genji and Zarya which were not also shown on Blizzard's PTR patch notes. Check them all out here.

What do you think of the new Sombra buff? Do you think Reinhardt is now officially dead? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!

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