Overwatch News: How The New Meta Kills Reinhardt

Overwatch released one of its biggest updates which resulted in an entire change of the game's meta. Right now, we're currently seeing a significant increase of Soldier 76's DPS which lead to a more consistent flying damage around the map. Not only that, with the release of Sombra, which can easily hack Reinhardt's shields, the current meta simply kills the traditional essential tank of the game - Reinhardt.

Now, Before you go jumping into conclusion, Reinhardt is still viable in virtually any match but when we say the new meta "kills" Reinhardt, it simply implies to his classic movement in the game, where he is usually seen activating his shield and slowly press on to enemy lines. But sadly, in the current meta, that simply isn't the case anymore as there's a ton of damage flying around the map that can easily break Reinhardt's barrier in just a matter of seconds.

There's Soldier 76 and D.Va which was recently buffed in the newest patch. If you missed the changes on the new update, here's the full list of the current patch notes. Now , you may have noticed the significant buff of Soldier 76 particularly the increase in Pulse Rifle damage and the Max bull spread increase. This leads to a more consistent DPS which can easily tear down Reinhardt's shield.

Now, with the D.Va change, you can expect that he'll be one of the most usual hybrid tanks in the game as not only does she gains improved sustainability, she also got buffed with the increased in movement speed while firing - meaning, more consistent damage and more survivability in the process. In the video down below, you can clearly see how Unit Lost easily broke his shield from a simple D.Va + Soldier 76 combo. The damage is just so insane that keeping your barrier up, like the way you used to do, is simply not viable.

Overwatch New Meta: End of Reinhardt?

If you're a Reinhardt player, then fear not as Reinhardt is still very viable in the game. But the new meta simply needs you to be more active and more versatile when pushing with your team. You simply cannot hold your ground as you keep your barrier up as it'll just be obliterated in just a couple of seconds. What you need to do is to improve your game sense. If you see a Soldier 76 getting Nano Boosted by Ana then try to tear it down or apply LOS as soon as possible.

The new meta requires you to dropped the traditional shield push strategy and be more sharp in activating your barrier. Because of this, some of the Reinhardt players are switching to other flexible tanks such as that of D.Va or Winston and run a triple tank combo during a match. But nonetheless, you it's still safe to say that Reinhardt is still viable but not the way it used to.

What do you think of the current meta of Overwatch? Do you think Reinhardt is dead? If you're a Reinhardt player, are you now switching to a more mobile and flexible tank? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!

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