'One Piece' Chapter 847 Spoilers: Pekoms, Pedro Help Luffy And Nami Escape; Sanji Plots His Own Exit Plan

Spoilers for “One Piece” Chapter 847 sounds like Luffy and his gang has done it again. Speculations suggest Pedro and Pekoms finds a way to help Luffy and Nami escape while Sanji plots his own exit from marrying Lady Pudding. It’s possible that Sanji already knows Pedro and Pekom’s plan so he just has to find a way his wedding doesn’t push through.

In the last episode of “One Piece” Chapter 846, Luffy and Nami struggle to fight Big Mom’s army but there is just too many of them. The battle ended with Luffy and Nami imprisoned in Big Mom’s Castle. However, all hope does not go as Pedro and Pekoms have found their way in the castle and is expected to formulate a plan to get them out there.

Meanwhile, Sanji is forced to comply with the wedding holding on to Big Mom’s promise that she will let them go as soon as he marries her daughter, Lady Pudding. Of course, everyone already knows Big Mom will not keep her end of the bargain and will kill Luffy as soon as the wedding is finished. However, Sanji has really no choice until he is sure that his friends are safe.

In the end, it looks like the “One Piece” gang found their own ways of escape as spoilers suggest that Big Mom has been defeated. However, it's not really all good news because Big Mom will not accept defeat and could be planning a big revenge to Luffy and his gang. In Reddit, some users suggest the first revenge will be a fight between Pedro and Smoothie. Of course, Pedro will do his best to run away but Smoothie seems to get him cornered so a face off is inevitable. Of course, Big Mom will probably be sending a more vicious fighter to take care of Luffy and Sanji so that's not really a good news.

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