'Survivor' Season 33 Millennials vs. Gen X Spoilers, Predictions: David And Zeke Scheming To Take Each Other Out, Hannah Makes Her Move

By Mandy Adams , Nov 24, 2016 09:59 AM EST

"Survivor" season 33, also known as "Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X," just became more exciting as two contestants were sent home in the double elimination of the reality show. Chris and Jessica were the main targets for elimination in the first episode. As it turns out, fate has a way of giving the alliance what they want which resulted in an unexpected turn of events and both contestants were sent home.

"Survivor Season 33 Millenials vs. Gen X Episode 10 Recap

In "Survivor: Millenials vs. Gen X" Season 33 Episode 10, Zeke and Chris were scheming to make Jay play his idol to blindside Jessica whom they wanted to evict from the game. During the immunity challenge, David won and he found out that the other members wanted Jessica out of the game. Together with Jessica, David, Ken, and Adam, they schemed to eliminate Chris. Jay decided to keep the idol for himself and after the Tribal Council, Chris went home.

"Survivor Season 33 Millenials vs. Gen X" Episode 11 Recap

The morning after the controversial Tribal council, David wanted to go after Zeke and Zeke wanted David out of the game. Given this development, it was revealed that David is holding onto an idol. During a challenge, Zeke, Bret, and Sunday won a helicopter ride and a picnic. While at the picnic, Bret revealed to Zeke that he is also gay.

During the immunity challenge, Jay won. Zeke and David were trying to make solid alliances before the next tribal council. David decided to use his idol on Ken, the night ended with Hannah and Zeke up for elimination. The survivors have a choice to vote for someone unanimously but since it was not an option, Hannah and Zeke together with Jay and Ken were given immunity. Everyone else had to draw rocks to see who will go home. Unfortunately, Jessica was the one who picked the black rock and she was sent home.

"Survivor" Season 33 Millenials vs. Gen X Episode 12 Predictions

With the unexpected elimination of Jessica, the remaining survivors need to realign their alliances. After she left, Jessica gave the legacy advantage to Ken. Hannah might try to build a showmance with Ken and Bret's revelation to Zeke could weigh in on their next decisions.

 "Survivor" Season 33 Millenials vs. Gen X airs on CBS every Wednesday at 8/ 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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