‘Hawaii Five-0' Season 7 News, Updates: Showrunner Confirms McRoll Is Not Over; Alex O'Loughlin Not Leaving, Actor Positioning For A Better Deal?

"Hawaii Five-0" season 7's 150th episode was a big hit and the ratings proved that there are still a lot of fans who are rooting for Steve McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) and his crew. Showrunner Peter Lenkov dished out the latest updates on the fate of the series and stated that he is confident that "Hawaii Five-0" will be back for season 8. Lenkov also revealed that there has been no conversation between him and O'Loughlin with regard to the actor's decision to leave the show.

"Hawaii Five-0" Season 8

As of the moment, there has been no word from CBS whether "Hawaii Five-0" will be renewed for another season. However, Lenkov is "pretty certain" that the show will have another year although he admitted that even if the show wraps up with season 8, an eight-year run is "pretty spectacular" for a reboot.

Lenkov was hopeful that the show will get more than one year. Even if O'Loughlin decides to leave after season 8, the showrunner reveals that "Hawaii Five-0" will continue to run "as long as people are watching the show."

The showrunner clarified that there has been no conversation between him and O'Loughlin regarding the latter's plans to exit the show. When asked what could have prompted the Aussie actor's decision to leave, he replied that O'Loughin could be "positioning himself for a better deal." At the same time, he acknowledged the fact that the decision might be the result of exhaustion since the actor did not have a lot of time off.

Lenkov expressed their hopes that O'Loughlin will decide to stay given the fact that the show is built on McGarrett's character. However, if he makes the choice to leave, the show will move forward without him.

McRoll Is Far From Over

In a prior interview with O'Loughin for "Hawaii Five-0's" 150th episode, the actor declared that it was unlikely for his character Steve McGarrett to take back Catherine Rollins (Michelle Borth). McGarrett simply asked Rollins if she would have said "yes" to his proposal for the sake of closure.

Based on the latest update from Lenkov, the arc concerning Catherine and McGarrett is far from over despite O'Loughlin's personal views on the subject. Lenkov explained that Catherine is a "part of the entire arc" of the franchise. This could mean that Catherine will return, hopefully, as a regular on the show and there could be a happy ending for McRoll. At the moment, "Hawaii Five-0" season 7 is still ongoing and it airs every Friday on CBS at a 9/8c time slot.

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