Mercedes-Benz Unsure of US Diesel Future, Takes A Step Back

By James Yu , Nov 24, 2016 09:53 AM EST

Unlike in Europe, diesel-powered vehicles are not considered to be very popular in the U.S auto market. Following the scandal that Volkswagen got itself into, the future of diesel engine has become even darker in the U.S. Mercedes-Benz is now unsure of U.S diesel future and takes a step back.

The Uncertain Diesel Future

According to report from Digital Trends, Mercedes-Benz has few models in the U.S that come with diesel engines. However, due to factors like weak sales, emission standards that have gotten more difficult to pass as a result of the scandal involving Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz is now uncertain about selling diesel in the U.S auto market. In the same report, vice president of sales and product management for Mercedes-Benz cars, Matthias Luehrs, stated that the automaker is still working on certification for a limited number of 2017 diesel models and that the company is conducting a market research to determine whether to continue offering diesels beyond the models that are already in the pipeline.

Mercedes-Benz Takes A Step Back

With diesel demand in the U.S market lower than before and showing no signs of turning to the positive track, Mercedes-Benz is taking a step back. It was reported by Motor Authority that the automaker has already pulled back on some of its diesel vehicles that are supposedly set to be delivered in the U.S auto market. Originally, there are four diesel engines from Mercedes-Benz on its way to the U.S and the automaker is currently in the process of getting certification for the models GLC, GLE, GLS and C-Class. It was mentioned however that the arrival of the C-Class has been cancelled.

All Hope Is Not Yet Lost For Diesels

At this point, all hope is not yet lost as it was also reported that Mazda is also bringing a diesel engine in the U.S market. Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz is still in the process of weighing the scales as to whether or not it will continue to bring the U.S. market diesel engines. All diesel engine fans and enthusiasts can do in the meantime is hope for the best.

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