Meet Mercedes Benz X-Class: Its First Ever Luxury Pickup Truck

Mercedes Benz is among the oldest automakers in the auto industry. In fact, it has been around for more than a hundred years now. Making a pickup truck however, has not been a territory it ventured in yet. That is about to change as Mercedes Benz introduces the X-Class, Its first ever luxury pickup truck.

The X-Class Luxury Pickup Truck

Mercedes Benz's X-Class Luxury Pickup Truck is a result of a team up between Mercedes and Nissan as reported by Waleg. Accordingly, there will be two variations in which the X-Class Pickup truck will come in. One of them is called the Powerful Adventurer and the other Stylish Explorer. The former is designed for off-road use with its extra protection features and higher ride height for higher ground clearance. The other version is more refined in terms of exterior appearance but they basically have the same features.

X-Class Specs

The Mercedes Benz X-Class Luxury Pickup Truck is equipped with a six-cylinder engine diesel, capable of full-time all-wheel-drive (AWD) as reported by FOX8. This will allow the X-Class pickup of Mercedes Benz to drive without any difficulty even in terrains that are considered to be very rough. Unfortunately, these are the only details that have been released about the specs of the engine.

Release, Price And Availability In The U.S.

Waleg stated that the Mercedes Benz X-Class luxury pickup truck will be available in the markets of Europe, Australia and South Africa by late 2017. The details regarding the price for the Mercedes Benz X-Class Luxury Pickup Truck has not yet been disclosed. Also, as to whether or not the luxurious Mercedes Benz X-Class pick up will come to the U.S is not yet clear. American consumers may very well have try to export one or pray that it will someday come to the land of the free.

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