Dylan O' Brien All Set To Go Back On Big Screen, Actor Doesn't Prioritize 'Maze Runner' 3

By stphntapulao , Nov 24, 2016 10:26 PM EST

After the accident of 'Maze Runner' star Dylan O' Brien last Marck, the film decided to pause for a while and take a break with regards to its production. The creators of the show already set the hopes up of the film's viewers from all over the world. With this, fans are asking: When are they coming back?

Dylan O' Brien Spotted Shooting For His New Movie Even After Deadly Incident That Happened This Year

Right after what happened to Dylan, authorities confirmed that the injuries of the actor need an extensive care but will not cost his life. However, they reiterated that the Hollywood star would need to take some break as he needs to give time for his wounds to recover. They also added that the injuries need a great amount of time to be fully healed.

But it seems like Dylan O' Brien is ready to face lights and camera again as he was tagged fit to go back to filming. The actor was last seen in Rome shooting for his upcoming action-pack film 'American Assasin'

Dylan, playing the role of Mitch Rapp, was spotted talking to some of the production crew during their filming.

Maze Runner 3 Production Already Stopped, Creators Already Spend So Much After Dylan O' Brien's Accident

On other news, the third installment of the 'Maze Runner' will eventually start producing the film by next year. The creators of the show were obliged to spend so much with regards to the accident that had happened to one of their lead stars.

It is also speculated that they have already talked to the team behind the American series 'Teen Wolf' regarding the commitment of Dylan to the show. They told the team that O' Brien would have to wave goodbye on the show's 6th season. This would eventually give him more time to focus on 'Maze Runner 3'

'Maze Runner 3' is set to take the big screen on January 2018.

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