UFO Sighting: An Unknown Creature Seen On The Skies Of Florida

A huge unknown object is flying in the wide range sky of West to the Florida Panhandle at around 11 in the evening on November 23. According to a report, more than 100 of people from the area saw the unidentified flying object that seems to be a fireball. Several residents on Florida’s western coast thought they were being invaded by aliens when a mysterious bright light appeared in the night sky.

What Is UFO?

Unidentified Flying Object or UFO in its most general definition, is any apparent anomaly in the sky that is not identifiable as a known object or phenomenon. Sometimes, however, UFOs cannot be identified because of the low quality of evidence related to their sightings. UFOs garnered considerable interest during the Cold War, an era associated with a heightened concern for national security.

An Unknown Creature Seen On The Skies Of Florida

According to HNGN, the happening took place at around 11pm on November 23rd, as people from Key West to the Florida Panhandle observed a huge, bright light taking over the sky. Residents got flustered and reported it to the local authorities as the fear of an intimidating invasion unfolded. The report noted that more than 100 people saw the blazing meteor.

The TV meteorologist Josh Stone of ABC 7 reported: "Never seen anything like that before,…..looked as bright as the sun….heard a little rumbling after it faded away." The North Point Police Department even captured the rare meteorological event on their dashboard cameras, taking videos of the giant fireball, as per Nature World News.

The said fireball was quite a great scenery to see, but it has since sent many residents into a panic. Amidst the confusion of what the fireball could be, many citizens have concluded that it is actually a UFO operated by aliens. Some are declaring in their social media that it is, indeed, an alien invasion! It certainly sounds like a lot of paranoia.


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