Strange News: UFO Sighting Can Increase A Person’s Desire For Sex, Study Finds

A recent survey carried out by a Cid Gallup, a well-known Panamanian paper has found that 37% of Panamanians felt an increased 'sexual desire' after seeing a UFO. The survey shows that among those who claim having seen a UFO, only 17 percent have felt the terror. After the release of the said survey, a number of speculations have immediately come out asking what a person would really feel if an alien craft flew over, will it be terror, curiousness or as what the survey suggests, just really horny.

UFO's And How They Increase Appetite For Sex

According to some reports revealed by Headlines and Global News (HNGN), a number of recent abductions have been allegedly reported in order to create human-alien hybrids. Perhaps that is one reason you tend to be filled with sexual desire. It was reportedly believed that aliens seem to like the Central American country, Panama, as there have been a number of UFO sightings in this country. It was said that almost in 16 of the population in the country have claimed that they have spotted UFOs in their lifetimes.

Meanwhile, the survey conducted by Cid Gallup Company which has also recently appeared in the El Siglo newspaper which states that more than a third of the respondents were reported having intense "sexual desire" after the experience.

On the other hand, in one of statements revealed by Mirror, Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual (Haynes) in the UK, believes that the mixed emotions of anxiety and wonder of seeing something that is exceptional in the sky may have probably aroused the witnesses and accounts for these survey results. Moreover, previous studies have suggested that the concept of breeding with aliens is nothing new.

Ultimately, some UFO enthusiasts have claimed that reports like this just indicates that the aliens are conducting a hybrid breeding program to create a race of super beings, for what purpose we can only imagine. However, sceptiks believe that these experiences are just brought by sleep paralysis where people are unable to discern the difference between fantasy and reality during the period between sleeping and waking.

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