Pokemon Go Gameplay Update: 3 December Treats That Are Sure To Bring Players Back

Pokemon Go is rumored to receive a major updated this December. The Pokemon Go December update is believed to feature the previous plan of card trading among the players. Reports also suggest that the new update may likely release more than 100 legendary and new normal Pokemon.

Although the Pokemon Go December update has not been confirmed yet by Niantic Labs, the rumor surrounding this was reportedly based on  a game analysis made by a Pokemon Go web scanner named PokeVS. Aside from the likely new monsters, the code also revealed that a PVP feature is also in the works, wherein Pokemon Go players will have the chance to raise their hatchling once they have got out of their shells.

However, there has been no detail regarding the release date of the Pokemon Go December update. Nevertheless, the PokeVS was reported to reveal the points that changed in the Pokemon Go's  code, which emphasized the tangible evidences.

The Pokemon Go December update is also rumored to include a wide range of impact on the player's engagement. Given reports that a considerable amount of monsters is up for taking, many believe that Pokemon Go would be able to get that attention of the players for a longer period. It should be noted that previous reports indicate that the game's popularity has been declining. But with the rumored update, the trend is expected to get reversed.

While there are no detail yet regarding the specific legendary monsters that will be included in the Pokemon Go December update, reports suggest that monsters like Mewto and Mew, Ho-Oh and Lugia, Entei, Celebi and Suicune may likely appear on the phones.

Meanwhile, Pokemon Go was previously reported for its lack of adequate tracking system within the game, which has prompted some players to look for alternative and became viable for banning because of misinformation of prohibited apps. However, this has appeared to have been changed with the announcement of a beta that is expected to resolve the said situations. Watch Pokémon Go December Update to Add Trading, Raising, & Gen 2 Pokémon

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