Pokemon Sun And Moon Tips, Tricks, Hacks: 3 Best Shortcuts That Player's Haven't Realized

Pokemon Sun and Moon have reportedly switched gears in several ways for the past 20 years. However, the inclusion of a number of major shortcuts is the most anticipated, which most players may have failed to realize the importance.

The Poke Ride

This shortcut in Pokemon Sun and Moon reduces the number of useless Pokemon and moves that trainers need to carry on their  person at any time. According to reports, Pokedex undoes all the trouble of solving some puzzles, by giving the players a special Pokemon packed with a single special move, either a Rock Smash or Surf, which they can call to assist them in clearing the path. Also, they work as an additional way to move around for kicks, as trainers often ride Mudsdale around Alola.

The New Pokedex

Pokemon Sun and Moon's Pokédex has reportedly been overhauled, just like in every new generation. Although the tweaks appear to be minor in terms of functionality, this continues to catalogue each Pokemon seen, but in a better version. In fact, reports indicate that it is now an actual Pokemon - a talking Rotom, which is a small top-like electric-type that resides in the pocket Pokemon computer.

The Type Effectiveness Sign

This Pokemon Sun and Moon feature are reported to be seen at every Pokemon's move in the battle menu. The effectiveness of an attack when facing an enemy either in a higher stakes battle or in the wild appears by the name of the moves. This means that the trainers may not accidentally use a useless attack.

Pokemon Sun and Moon trainers, meanwhile, are reported to collect Cores and Z-Cells to customize their own Zygarde, which is one of the iconic Pokemon of Kalos. But unlike in Pokemon X and Y, Zygarde will come in three different forms in the game, as its 10 percent form appears like a dog. On the other hand, its 50 percent is similar to a snake-like Pokemon X and Y, while the giant Pokemon is in Zygarde Complete Form. Watch Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer

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