Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: How To Catch 7 Final Ultra Beasts In Post-Game Content [Detailed Tips]

Pokemon Sun and Moon ultra beasts are reported to be the greatest mystery that will be faced by the players, as their presence threaten both the humans and Pokemon in the Alola region. But with the post-game content provided, the players can have a better chance of catching the seven final ultra beasts in the Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Ultra Beast Nihilego: UB-01 Symbiont

Looker will indicate that is has been located in two areas: the Diglett's Tunnel or the Wela Volcano Park. When the Ultra Beast theme music is heard at either location, Nihilego will pop up in a random encounter.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Ultra Beast Buzzwole: UB-02 Absorption

Looker will share that a second Ultra Beast has been located on Melemele Island. The player should then go to the midway, along route 2, where Nanu will announce that two Buzzwole have been found in Melemele Meadow.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Ultra Beast Pheromosa: UB-02 Beauty

Exclusive only to Pokemon Moon, Pheromosa is the second Ultra beast that players are expected to hunt following the successful capture of Nihilego. Looker will share that Pheromosa has been found in the Verdant Cavern on Melemele Island.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Ultra Beast Xurkitree: UB-03 Lighting

After battling with Mina on Alakala Island, Looker will send the players to Lush Jungle where two Xurkitree specimens have been found.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Ultra Beast Kartana: UB-04 Blade

Nanu will then appear to reveal that Kartana was seen on Ula'ula Island. Players should see Anabel and Looker at the motel on Route 13 to get instruction to probe Malie Garden and Route 17 where Kartana was located.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Ultra Beast Celesteela :UB-04 Blaster

Celesteela is located in Haina Desert. However, it is also in the Malie Garden, as revealed by Nanu.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Ultra Beast Guzzlord : UB-05 Glutton

After winning a battle against Nanu, Looker will reveal a treat. According to the character, Guzzlord is sighted in Resolution Cave.

Meanwhile, Pokemon Sun and Moon can now be played in several languages like Japan, English, German, Spanish, French, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Italian and Korean. Given the fact that the game has almost 2 million copies released, Pokemon Sun and Moon are now being compared to Pokemon X and Y in 2013 that were able to sell more than 2 million copies. Watch Pokémon Sun and Moon are now available on Nintendo 3DS worldwide. Watch Pokemon Sun & Moon - All Ultra Beast Missions

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