Pokemon Sun And Moon News: Here Are 3 Features That Pokemon Go Should Have

Pokémon Sun and Moon are reportedly filled with new Pokémon creatures making the catching game more inviting. Apparently, Niantic has added Pokémon Sun and Moon exclusive creatures and features that are slated to fill one's Pokédex. The game is said to be as mobile as Pokémon GO but with more features than the game.

Pokémon Sun and Moon reportedly sport features missing from Pokémon GO as well. Pokémon Sun and Moon, first and foremost, reportedly have 100 new Pokémon creatures to catch. The old Pokémon monsters have also been refreshed with Alolan Forms to look brand-new. For instance, Vulpix has reportedly donned a blueish hue with crystals as the Pokémon Sun and Moon creature is now an Ice Type.

Second, Raichu in Pokémon Sun and Moon also turns its tail into a surfboard for a new Electric or Psychic Type. Additionally, Dugtrio now sports Ground or Steel Type moves. On the other hand, Pokémon Sun and Moon are expected to retain the basic gameplay techniques. Hence, Pokémon battles, rushing back to Pokémon Centres to refresh Pokémon creatures and relying on Potions are still mainstay in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Third, Pokémon Sun and Moon trainers can actually connect with their Pokémon to care for them. Moreover, Niantic has also encouraged trading between trainers as well. Additionally, Pokémon Sun and Moon are believed to be connected one day.

Meanwhile, Pokémon Sun and Moon is also said to include the QR code scanner which may allow players to register Pokémon in Alola's regional Pokédex to one's own game. The Pokédex will reportedly reveal the location of certain Pokémon that can be caught on the map. Moreover, Reddit users have reportedly compiled all QR codes of all Pokémon monsters in the Alolan Pokédex. Note that players can only scan one code a day.

Pokémon Sun and Moon Ditto is expected to be a welcome addition to any Pokédex due to its imitation abilities. Additionally, Mimikyu is the recently added monster in Pokémon Sun and Moon that may be as hard to find as Rockruff. An ugly duckling Feebas is said to evolve into a pretty Milotic too.  Watch the Complete Pokedex all QR Codes here:

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