Cheap Indie Steam Games You Can Gift For The Holidays

Owlboy Trailer - Release NOV 1st 2016
If you're wondering what to get your gaming friends and loved ones for the holidays then this article may be for you. It also saves you a ton of time, not to mention no more carrying of boxes and paper bags. Photo : YouTube / D-Pad Studio

It's the holidays once again and you might be wondering what assorted items you can give to your gamer friends and loved ones. If somehow you found your way into this article then you probably have Steam games to gift in mind. Well let me suggest some indie games for it. They come cheap and it also is a way to support indie developers.

The great steam holiday sale is around the corner, or is probably is going on, depending on what time this article has reached you. Anyway, it's another chance to spend less on holiday gifts to gamers. It also is hassle-free, no boxes to carry at all. All you need to do is make sure you have their Steam accounts.

Stardew Valley

Pixel styled games are a thing today. Stardew Valley is probably one of the best games out there. If you dig this kind of game style mixed with RPG elements, then stop going through hundreds of pixel games and start with this one. More than a couple dozen NPCs can be interacted and some of them can even be courted. This game will pretty much eat a lot of time so treat this as a warning, especially for those with hectic schedules. The game will cost you less than 15 bucks.

Quadrilateral Cowboy

If you dig the future but set in 90s style technology, then Quadrilateral Cowboy is for you. This is Watch Dogs set in early 90s except there's no tech that we call modern today. Now, this is hardcore hacking, with a floppy disk and old stuff. The giveaway? It has intelligent puzzles that do not need state-of-the art graphics to be attractive. It costs less than 20 bucks.


This 'hi-bit' adventure game took 10 years to create. Owlboy is a labor of love and it's currently a bit pricey as it has just been launched. It sets you back $25 but it's worth every penny. Fly like an owl, explore like an owl, to a world in the clouds. The game has this smart way of play where you pick your friends so you can overcome obstacles. One notable feature of this game is its smooth graphics despite being styled as a retro game.

Killing Floor 2

The sequel brings back more killing fun as this indie first person shooter brings more blood into your PC. Killing Floor 2 is a coop FPS that allows up to 6 players. Fight your way through waves and waves of undead and mutated human beings called Zeds. Their only objective, by the way is to kill you, so gear up and shoot. The game sets you back for less than $30.

If you aren't satisfied with these suggestions, there's a plethora of indie games that might be of your liking. Simply visit steam's recent indie list and take your pick. Remember, giving these holidays will not only make your friends and loved ones happy but it also gives you sense of fulfillment. As always, keep it here, and keep gaming.

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