'South Park' Season 20, Episode 9 Spoilers: The Brat President; Journey To Mars; Kyle And Ike's Whereabouts

By Mario Ferrari , Nov 25, 2016 01:16 PM EST

"South Park" season 20, episode 9 is slated to resume on Wednesday, Nov. 30 and viewers are eagerly awaiting what happens next to Cartman, Heidi, Butters and the rest of the Americans who are bound to Mars. Upon fitting the puzzle pieces together, Kyle comes up with his own measures. What could it be?

Journey To Mars

Back in Episode 8 titled "Members Only," Cartman and Heidi decided to abandon social media and relocate to Mars where Wi-Fi is shady. Arriving at the SpaceX Station, they found out that Butters and his family, singer Cher and more Americans were also leaving Earth. In episode 9, the first passengers of the SpaceX may not be able to launch for Mars as it will be caught by the communications shutdown led by Denmark.

Panic, Chaos And War

Gerald and the rest of the trolls have been trapped by the American government and sold to the Danish authorities. "South Park" season 20, episode 9 spoilers reveal that the world will end up in panic, chaos and war after Denmark unleashes the trolls. The Danish government will burn down all countries into ashes in hopes that one world will rise - a world filled of happy people and with no secrets "like Denmark."

The Brat President

Three weeks after winning the presidential race, Mr. Garrison has been busy learning the ins and out of the White House. Latest spoilers hint at the president's seemingly omniscient handling of America's national security following Denmark's plan to bring the whole world down.

Elsewhere, Mr. Garrison continues with his brat disposition intimidating people with his racist, sexist and misogynistic remarks. In the previous episode, fans witnessed the new president of America getting back at PC Principal, and the grocery shoppers in Fort Collins.

Kyle And Ike's Wherabouts

Episode 8 left viewers hanging with Kyle dragging Ike after fitting the puzzle pieces together. Kyle finally discovered that Skankhunt42 is his daddy. Where Kyle and Ike could be going? Would they seek help from the authorities and testify?

"South Park" season 20, episode 9 airs Wednesday, Nov. 30 at 10:00 p.m. ET on Comedy Central.

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