'South Park' Season 20, Episode 8 'Members Only' Recap: Member Berries Phone Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin; Gerald Continues Trolling Offshore

By Mario Ferrari , Nov 17, 2016 02:59 PM EST

"South Park" season 20, episode 8 titled "Members Only" brought in Mr. Garrison as full-fledged President Donald Trump with his blonde hairdo. Meanwhile, Cartman and Heidi were all set to Mars only to find out upon reaching the SpaceX station that there's a ton of Americans who'd like to leave Earth, too.

Mr. Garrison Becomes Full-Fledged Pres. Donald Trump

Now that Matt Stone and Trey Parker morphed Mr. Garrison into full-fledged President-elect Donald Trump, he jumped right into a set of problems America is facing, most specially threats of the national security. Clearly though, Mr. Garrison didn't know what to do on his first few days at the White House. The Danish government used the trolls they captured to turn all countries against each other by revealing internet history. Elsewhere, the member berries were out in the wild-rolling across the White House, phoning Russian President Vladimir Putin and partying for Mr. Garrison's win.

Americans Are Mars Bound

In the meantime, Cartman and Heidi finally made their way to SpaceX station so they could leave for Mars. Little did they know, a bunch of Americans were already there ahead of them which goes to show that everyone in the country wants to immigrate into a new world.

Gerald Continues Trolling Offshore

While in captivity, Gerald continued to troll around the internet as Skankhunt42 using his son Ike. While his fellow trolls made realizations about the monster they have created for the world, Gerald was too engrossed that his wife will discover his schemes. Thus, using his son was the best way for him to cover up that Skankhunt42 is still free.

While his mom left believing a lie, Kyle recalled Heidi's notion of the real identity behind Skankhunt42 that he/she must be an adult and a member of the parent association at school. Moments later, Kyle drew up conclusion that his dad is Skankhunt42 all along. Kyle dragged Ike out of the house, but where are they heading to?

"South Park" season 20, episode 9 airs Nov. 23 on Comedy Central.

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