WikiLeaks Published New Files In Which It Is Revealed The US Involvement In Yemen´s War

By Luis Fran , Nov 25, 2016 07:06 PM EST

The radical transparency organization WikiLeaks has released more than 500 files in which it is shown the U.S. involvement in the Yemen civil war, arming, funding and training the Yemeni forces in the years leading up to the tragic event in which more than 7000 people were killed, and 35,000 were injured. The documents were taken from the United States embassy in the country, and it consisted of 200 emails and 300 PDFs, in which it was detailed the military operations prior to the war.

New Files Show How The US Helped Yemeni Forces

Apparently, the leak spans 2009 to 2015 and the non-profit organization noted that it covers both Hillary Clinton´s term as the Secretary of State and the first two years of John Kerry´s tenure. The classified documents include official emails from the Office of Military Cooperation, which is U.S. government-backed entity that is based in the embassy that reportedly helped the security forces in Yemen to improve its counter-terrorism abilities.

The so-called "Yemen Files" shows how the U.S. provides aircraft, missiles, weapons, vehicles, vessels and the Yemeni procurement of American biometric system. The terrible conflict in the nation is between the forces of the president Abdrabbuh Mansour-Hadi´ and those who are allied to the Houthi rebel movement, which has caused a humanitarian disaster with almost 80 percent of the population in need of urgent aid.

WikiLeaks Said That US And Saudi Arabia´s Involvement Is Because Of The Oil

Giving this situation, it has been reported that WikiLeaks leader, Julian Assange, said through a statement on the organization´s website that the Unite States are deeply involved in the terrible consequences that this war has caused to the people, considering that it provides most of the bombs and weapons that were used. By its part, the transparency radical organization explained that this event in Yemen was a largely strategic, considering the amount of oil that this country ha, and how important could it be for the U.S. and Saudi Arabia´s interests.

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