WikiLeaks Sabotaged As Founder Julian Assange Forcibly Goes Offline, State Party Involved?

The radical transparency organization WikiLeaks said on Monday that its founder Julian Assange´s internet connection was severed by a state party, two days before the final presidential debate. These claims follow the latest emails it revealed from the hacking of Hillary Clinton´s campaign chairman John Podesta's emails, more than a week ago.

Although there haven't been more details about the situation, WikiLeaks has said that it has the contingency plan to overcome this event, and that general public, supports its action. It is unknown which are these plans, and if this current issue would prevent further leaks.

Too Many Questions, Too Few Answers

According to the BBC, there is no way to know if Assange´s internet has been knocked offline, and if so, how a state actor was suspected. Apparently, the Ecuadorean embassy - in which Assange has been claiming asylum at since 2012 to avoid extradition - and the London Metropolitan Police, haven't made a comment about this situation.

If suspicions are true and its proven than a state party was involved in this sabotage, this would have unpredictable consequences in the elections, considering that it would be very difficult to not involve a U.S. agency in this event, which would be seem as a clear help for the Democratic candidate.

WikiLeaks And The U.S. Presidential Elections

The internet-based organization has been recently accused by the U.S. intelligence of working with Russia in order to interfere with the presidential election. In fact, some people believe that this could be a conspiracy in which WikiLeaks and the Kremlin are making their moves to help Republican nominee Donald Trump be the new president.

The main reason why this is very probable is not only the fact that Putin has said he would like Trump to be president, but also because the nonprofit organization has only leaked Clinton´s documents, and the Republican nominee has explicitly expressed his gratitude for it.

However, what turns this situation into a very difficult debate is that the disclosed documents reveal an apparent truth that shows how Trump is not the only candidate with serious flaws and a suspicious background to be president.

Some people believe that WikiLeaks' activities so far are far from jeopardizing the U.S. presidential election. Instead, the firm's activities thus far actually equalizes it, considering that the most powerful American media have positioned against the Republican candidate.

Facing what just happened with the internet connection, can Julian Assange and WikiLeaks keep leaking Hillary Clinton´s documents? Could the emails' disclosure determine the remaining cuorse of the U.S. presidential elections? If a state actor sabotaged Assange´s internet, could it be to stop messing with the Democratic candidate?

As you might see, this situation has more questions than facts. 

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