You Can Buy Now 'Final Fantasy XV' Xbox One Edition At Microsoft Store For Only $35

Fans of the "Final Fantasy" game franchise are waiting for the release of "Final Fantasy XV" on Nov. 29.

Final Fantasy XV

According to University Herald, it has been a decade since the game development studio Square Enix had started to work on the latest installment to the "Final Fantasy" franchise. Now, gamers are getting excited as the upcoming "Final Fantasy XV" is getting close to be released this Nov. 29. Recent videos showcasing the game in the PS4 were spotted online.

The game "Final Fantasy XV" is set on a planet called Eos, similar to modern day Earth. On the planet Eos the society is divided within multiple nations named Accordo, Duscae, Lucis, Niflheim and Solheim. With the exception of Niflheim, all these five nations held a magical crystal giving them political power. All the crystals, excluding that of Lucis, were lost due to wars between the nations. This resulted in all other nations evolving into technological advancement focusing on weapons and machines production, while Lucis remained as the only nation around based on magic.

'Final Fantasy XV' Microsoft Offer

In more exiting news about the upcoming game title, Attack of The Fan Boy has reported that, for some reason, Microsoft is selling the standard version of "Final Fantasy XV" Xbox One Edition for a price tag of only $34.99. Since the game is not out yet, this is a really great deal. There is also offer in Amazon by $59.99.

If you visit online the website of the Microsoft Store, you'll convince yourself that indeed Microsoft is selling the Day-One edition of "Final Fantasy XV" game title for $34.99.  Besides the listing it says you save $25.00 off the normal price, so this seems to be a Black Friday sale.  However, it sees that this sale is only valid for U.S. customers only.

The Day-One edition of the game includes the Masamune DLC weapon, aside of the game itself. It looks like only the Day-One edition is on sale and it also looks like there are no discounts at the moment for the PS4 gamers. The Deluxe Edition that includes extras such as Kingsglaive is still selling for $89.99. You can get the Deluxe Edition on Amazon by $76.49. 

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