Everything You Need To Know About Final Fantasy XV

By Hansel V. A. , Nov 11, 2016 05:22 PM EST

Final Fantasy XV is just around the corner, the franchise which everyone grew up playing. As the game's official release gets near, every player interested should know several details about it. Here are the things you need to know about Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy XV Development

Final Fantasy XV has been in development by Square Enix for around 10 years already and it was no secret. It began all the way back in 2006 originally planned for PS3 under the title Final Fantasy Versus XIII. It was 2012 when Square Enix decided to turn it into their next major title that is now set to be released this month.

Final Fantasy XV Setting

The game Final Fantasy XV is set on Eos similar to modern day Earth. Eos is divided within multiple nations namely Lucis, Accordo, Niflheim, Solheim, and Duscae. All these five nations held a magical crystal that gives political power, except Niflheim. Due to wars between the nations, all the crystals excluding that of Lucis were lost. This resulted into Lucis as the only nation based around magic while others evolved into technological advancement focusing machines and weapons production. The Prince of Lucis, Noctis, is now the main playable character of Final Fantasy XV. Niflheim nation became the protagonist after a series of events and this is where the game starts as Noctis and his friends set out on a journey to find the missing crystals.

Final Fantasy XV Gameplay

Final Fantasy is the first game to move away from the famous turn-based combat in the Final Fantasy series. Square Enix modified its combat system with crazy sword-slashing, fast-moving, action and gameplay. In result, Square Enix decided to add a weight feature to the game so players won't find it too fast. Final Fantasy XV showcases a day-night cycle and dynamic weather system which impacts the players' magical abilities. It also affects the appearance of monsters in the game.

Players can access any location in the open world and can visit into hotels to take rest or buy equipment and ingredients for cooking. One day in the game is equal to one hour in real life and players who do not take a rest have lesser ability effectiveness. Camping is very necessary for characters in order to gain experience points. Mini games are also available throughout the map like fishing and doing quests taken from NPCs.

The Final Fantasy XV is available on November 29 and is now under demo in Japan. It can be purchased through different editions. In other news, Square Enix partnered with a German car company to produce a special, one of a kind, collector's item Final Fantasy XV Audi.

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