Top Paid Apps Offered For Less Or For Free This Black Friday

By Edge Ison , Nov 26, 2016 03:05 AM EST

Few people may be aware that even apps are being offered for less or even for free during the Black Friday festivities. This may be understandable since many people focus on getting the huge and expensive stuff.

But for those who really like a bargain, they might as well take advantage of the offers of some digital stores and get their hands or fingers on some new apps.

Take note that some of these apps are only made available for free at a limited time. Check up on them to see if they are still available.


One of Apple's "Best New Apps", Blurify can make ordinary photos into works of art. It uses every pixel to create an image with the right blurriness, color, saturation and brightness. The photos can then be used as a wallpaper or shared with others directly using the app. Blurify normally sells for $1.99 but is free as of this writing.


This app provides more than 50 images or stickers of real-life hand gestures. Some of the stickers include thumbs up and thumbs down signs, and the popular heart gesture created using the two hands. Users can integrate them on messages or use the gestures themselves to create a message. This app costs $0.99 but is free for now.

Heads Up!

Talk show host and recent Presidential Medal of Freedom awardee Ellen DeGeneres came up with the Heads Up! app which is a game that requires the user to draw a card containing names of celebrities, movies, or other subjects. The player places his or her phone on the forehead with the screen facing the crowd. The other players then give clues about the word and the user gets to guess it in 60 seconds. It is free on Android and iOS.

Strike Wing

Fan of simulator games? The Strike Wing app, normally $2.99 per download, allows the player to sit in the cockpit of a space fighter ship and go through a number of combat missions. The graphics is impressive and the controls are fluid. Get it while it's free.

Tayasui Sketches Pro

Artists, professional or wanna-bes, will enjoy this sketching app which uses numerous tools such as pencil, ink pen, sketch pen, paintbrush, water colors, scale, and a few others. Sketches Pro is highly-suggested for those who like making realistic artworks. This app is free on both iOS and Android.

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