Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: Where To Find Return And Frustration

Technical Machines or TMs are scattered all over the map of Pokemon Sun and Moon. These machines are used to teach your Pokemon special moves that he cannot learn naturally. Some machines are easy to find while some are hidden. In this Pokemon Sun and Moon guide, you will be able to find "return" and "frustration."

Return is another name for TM27. This technical machine can be used to train a normal-type Pokemon when you play Sun. When you use it to a Pokemon within this type, this full power attack becomes even more powerful as your Pokemon likes you more and more.

And since this Pokemon Sun and Moon guide is about the location, go to Malie City on Ula'ula Island. Go straight to the Malasada shop which is located just at the left side of the Pokemon center and the park. You will never miss it since the park dominates the city.

Go inside the Malasada shop where you can find Oranguru, which looks like a friendly and cute version of King Kong. This psychic Pokemon will hand you TM21 or Return after you talk to him.

The next location for this Pokemon Sun and Moon guide is TM21 or Frustration. Just like TM27, you can find Frustration exactly where you find Return. And your hunch is right, you can also get it the same way you got TM27 - by talking to Oranguru. Isn't he generous and cute at the same time?

Like Return, Frustration works with the normal-type Pokemon when you play Sun. However, it works the opposite as Return because it grows more powerful the less your Pokemon likes you. The name says its all - the more you frustrate your Pokemon, the more you make it more powerful.

So there you have your Pokemon Sun and Moon guide for today. For further information, watch the video below.

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