Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: iTechPost's Top 7 Favorite Pokemon

Like any other games, Pokemon Sun and Moon are filled with interesting things and Pokemon. Speaking of new, the game has a handful of new creatures, some of which were revealed before the game was released while others were only discovered when playing the game. Here are iTechPost's top 7 favorite Pokemon.


Hakamo-o is a Pokemon living in the Alola Trails. It has three forms which you will have to fight as you go around Alola Island. The first form of this dragon-type Pokemon is Jangmo-o and the last one is Komo-o which is one of the most difficult Totem Pokemon you will encounter. It makes the iTechPost's top 7 favorite Pokemon because of its lethal moves that include a very strong uppercut, so strong that it can even change the landscape around it.


Drampa reminds you of Falcor, the cute dragon from our favorite childhood movie, The Neverending Story. Drampa is a normal/dragon type Pokemon that loves to interact with people. Though very gentle, it can suddenly break out in scary rage when a child it cares for very much gets hurt. Darpa has a unique move, Berserk, which is unique only to him. When using this, his Special Attack gets boosted by 1 point but lowers its HP by half.


Komala is the 'sleeping master' because it does everything, even fight, while sleeping. In fact, no one has ever seen this Pokemon awake. Its cuteness is the number one reason why it makes the list of iTechPost's top 7 favorite Pokemon. It has a unique ability called Comatose, which keeps it to be perpetually in a sleeping situation.


Oranguru is a sage Pokemon that barely goes into action but prefers to meditate high up in the trees alone in the deep forest. This sage Pokemon often provides food for the hungry and medicine for the injured. Its telepathic ability called Instruct can cause the selected Pokemon perform its recent move twice.


It is one of the Ultra Beasts given a codename called UB-03 Lightning and looks like a bundle of electrical wires. It seems to get its power from electricity as indicated in its Pokedex entry. This weird Pokemon is really weird because you can only have it after you see the game credits.


Stufful is a cute normal/fighting Pokemon that belongs to the Flailing category. Its popularity comes from its adorable moves and appearance. However, it's not the only reason why it becomes one of iTechPost's top 7 favorite Pokemon. It might be cute but its extraordinary strength can bring down even the most well-trained Pokemon. Its evolution, Bewear, is a threat to fire-type Pokemon.


Primarina sounds like ballerina and this water/fairy type Pokemon can indeed dance very well. She is the final evolution of Popplio, the sea lion. It has the power to release balloons of water around the surrounding area. These balloons have two types - exploding and non-exploding. She uses the non-exploding ones as stepping stones to move around and distract its opponent. The exploding ones are used to create chains of explosions.

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