‘Star Wars’ Episode 8 Spoilers, News, Updates: Is Rey Of Royal Blood? Saved By The Royal Guards Or Jedi Knights?

By Joseph S. , Nov 28, 2016 04:20 AM EST

"Star Wars: The force Awakens" introduced space scavenger Rey for the first time on deserted planet Jakku. Though her origins were not defined in any way in the previous installment, there is a report that suggests she has a royal connection in "Star War" episode 8. This report is based on some spoilers posted by a Reddit user that goes by the name The Playboy.

Is Rey Connected With A Royal Family?

The post suggested that Rey could be deeply related to a royal family before the events in "Star War" episode 8. This connection may also have something to do with the time when this Royal Family dominated a number of planets. However, the members of the royal family were killed through the machinations of the First Order.

This happened during the rise of First Galactic Empire headed by Chancellor Palpatine. Members of the royal family started to vanish quickly, Rey's family being one of them. In his spoilers of "Star War" episode 8, The Playboy also hinted that the First Order might also have invaded the planet on which Rey and her family lived.

Royal Guards Dropped Off Rey In Jakku

Her circle of relatives might have also been killed. However, some royal guards could have saved Rey by escaping. The escaping Royal Guards might have dropped off Rey on planet Jakku. They must have thought that this planet is a secure haven. And they dropped Rey on Jakku in order to save her from being killed by the First Order.

The Reddit Post on "Star War" episode 8 also suggested that Rey was hidden by her mother and father on jakku so she could be safe. If she was indeed a royalty, her life drastically changed with the invasion of her planet which the First Order wants to destroy by first killing its monarchs.

There are also some speculations that claim the real father of Rey is either Hans Solo or Luke Skywalker. With these rumors, avid fans of the "Star Wars" episode 8 are entertaining the idea that Rey could indeed be a royal family member. How will Rey react if she knew? Fans will have to wait until the movie is released in 2017.

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