‘Star War’ Episode 8 Spoilers, News And Updates: Rey’s Training With Luke Will Take A Long Time? How Different Is ‘Rogue One’?

Two trilogies of "Star Wars" have already come and gone. Fans of the space saga now know the origin of Darth Vader and the story of his family. The following trilogy which starts with "Star Wars" episode 8 will tell the story about the future and the ultimate fate of the galaxy.

The Long Wait Spawns Too Many Speculations

Fans can't be blamed for speculating and spreading rumors about what "Star Wars" episode 8 has in store. The long wait is not helping so they are eager to hear, read and watch whatever spoilers are available about the upcoming movie. The closing scenes of episode 7 have led fans to speculate about the mysterious past of Rey.

Rey Will Be A Jedi-Trainee Of Luke, But For How Long?

The main spotlight is now focused on Rey. It is speculated that "Star Wars" episode 8 will show her as the Jedi-padawan of Luke Skywalker. Mike Zeroh, a YouTube channel host suggested that Rey's training will be similar to Luke's training given by Master Yoda. Yoda trained Luke in the swamp lands which lasted only one week.

But Zeroh is predicting that Luke will train Rey for about 2 months. In the movie, this may last for about 8 minutes or so. This could be a fast-paced training but will cover a good amount of the actions. Luke's training in episode 5 of the space saga lasted only approximately 7 minutes.

How Will "Rogue One" Be Different From "Star Wars?"

"Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" will hit the theaters this coming December. Its producers said that it is a stand-alone film. That means it will be a step away from the original space saga. The movie is full of characters that are edgier and are willing to make compromises. This is to be expected since most of them are rebels and criminals.

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